Sunday, 4 June 2017

May 2017

I was going to tell you all about May, the things we've achieved on the house but I know that you'll be scanning down until you find out about the bees so I'll have to start with them. The girls are still in town.
Busy bees
I haven't been into the hive yet but they seem happy and are bringing plenty of pollen in.

We took a half day holiday at the beginning of May to enjoy the Ely Eel Festival. We chose the day that the food & drink fair was on. Converted horse boxes seem to be the choice for a pop up bar.

Ely Eel Fair

Ely Eel Fair
 Although there was a great deal of super food for sale I wasn't sure about these suggestions.

Finally the carpet saga has ended and we have a finished hallway and stairs. I found some photographs of this area when we moved in


We've been upping the search for French properties lately and a lot seem to be in this style! However we now look like this


I spent hours on my hands and knees weeding the drive - thank heavens for trousers with built in knee pads. On the hottest day of the year (so far) seven tons of gravel arrived. Unfortunately I managed to wipe the photographs from my camera but you can imagine that it was a lot of gravel. First we had to redo the flower beds under the bay windows which now have lavender instead of ground elder. Gritting our teeth we just got on with it, Andrew with the shovel and me with the rake and lots of breaks and gallons of water.

The final external project was the area between the house and the workshop. Slightly out of sight it orginally was home to the old oil tank but even with that gone it was still a pretty nasty area.

Now it's a restful zen garden and nicely sheltered from the breeze.

There seem to have been a lot of 'before & afters' this month which is nice as it means we're finally getting towards the end of our renovation project. We just have some internal snagging to do, some paint patching and a deep clean and tidy. Externally Andrew is in the process of washing the fascias and wants to touch up the previously painted gutters which look a bit messy. Then it's off to the estate agents. Anyone want to buy a house in the country?

Friday, 5 May 2017

April 2017

April has been quite a busy month, one way or t'other, so what to tell first? Well there is the stair carpet saga. In last month's post I was getting quite excited about the stair and hall carpet, which was to be fitted on the 21st. Lunchtime came and went but no carpet fitter and when Andrew telephoned he was told that they had forgotten to book it in (although we had seen them write it in the diary when we ordered the carpet) and it would be fitted the following Tuesday. The carpet fitter, with carpet, arrived, took one look and with a sharp intake of breath said it would look rubbish (not actually his phrase but I'm quite polite) We had been told that the carpet could have the edge turned at the base of the banisters to give a neat edge but apparently not.

Still carpetless

The carpet fitter said it needed whipping and for this it would need templating (something he didn't do), took the carpet away and said he would talk to the carpet shop. They phoned and, after some harsh words from Andrew, said it would be at no extra cost and the guy would be round to template the following day. Which he was. Unfortunately the templating couldn't be done as the carpet shop had decided to precut the carpet and had got it wrong. Bearing in mind that whipping takes three weeks and the carpet took three weeks to arrive I don't think I'll be showing you the new carpet soon.

We also said good bye to Kip this month. Kip is Patricia and David's latest trainee guide dog puppy, he's been with them for over a year and it's time he moved on to more advanced training. Luckily his last Sunday outing to the orchard was a beautiful day and he & Mortimer had a great time.

Kip & Mortimer

Bowled over
While we're on dog topics I couldn't resist this last one of Milton and Mortimer.
Me & mini me
Latest obsession this month is with clothes moths! No I haven't had them but am concerned that my collection of jumpers may suffer if they go into long term storage. In my search for a deterrent I found this site Total Wardrobe Care which even has a blog. Many of you know I'm a bit particular about my wardrobe and cupboards (if it's not in colour order I can get into a real hissy fit) so this site is heaven. I ordered a load of products so feel more relaxed now.
Total Wardrobe Care
Andrew's birthday was this month and although we went out for the day I didn't take any photographs. Well apart from this one - Andrew received a rather splendid hamper of charcuterie which Mortimer was keen to share.
I'll help you with that!

Next a bee update. April was a sad month for my girls. They were doing great in March, lots of food, the queen was laying eggs and all was well. The hive is within sight of the back door and it has become reflex to glance across to see bee activity. It was a warm, sunny day but only a couple of bees were about and they didn't look happy. I opened the hive and they were all dead. It was horrible - a deep layer of dead bees at the bottom of the hive as well as bees who had just died - young bees in the middle of hatching, older bees cleaning out the cells. I'm not sure what happened as everything seemed normal but I suspect some insecticide drift from the orchard. Anyway I didn't have time to clean the hive properly, just took out the frames with honey (which I got rid of in case it was tainted) and closed the hive up to stop mice. My plan was to clean it thoroughly over the Bank Holiday weekend.
On Monday (OK we've slipped into May but I didn't want to leave you wondering) I noticed that there were a few honey bees around the hive, keen to get in. I assumed that they wanted to get to any scraps of honey that had been left in so I quickly opened up the hive and left them to it. Yesterday I was gardening and noticed a few more bees at the hive. Half an hour later I got a shout from Andrew, because of this...

 I'm keeping my fingers crossed that a local hive (possibly the ones that have a temporary home in the orchard) has swarmed and liked the look of my hive. They seemed to have gone inside and there was a lot of activity today. I'm desperate to take a peek but if, big if, I have a new queen inside they can be a bit flighty so I'm going to give it a couple of weeks. Still it's very nice to see bees at the hive again.

I've finally got my headphone/speaker issue sorted and have been trying to do more French lessons. You may remember that we are both doing Rosetta Stone courses. Andrew is like a demon on his whereas I had a slower start. Mine is currently concentrating on listening and pronunciation. I had to pronounce this sentance 'je vais prendre des oeufs brouill├ęs'  which has (for me ) two difficult words with oeufs & a double ll. But apparently I had to practise the 'je'!

Their system is quite good. You hear, and see, how a word or phrase is pronounced and then speak it. The programme records you so you can hear yourself and then shows your pronuciation against that of the native French speaker.  I'm only showing you these because I did quite well - you can see on the second one I didn't need to practise anything. If only it were all that simple!

Native speaker is black - I'm in green

We now feel that we're on the final push to get the house finished, so much so I've got a spreadsheet of tasks to be done. The biggest is the front of the house, the garden and drive have been very neglected. Hopefully next month you can have the 'after' shots. And maybe even a stair carpet!

Finally April was peak blossom month in the orchard - I don't think I'll ever tire of taking photographs.